How To Start Earning Commissions

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Thank you for signing up as an Forex Club Asia Affiliate.

Welcome to the Affiliate Resources Page. Here you will find your affiliate links and banners to promote all products of Forexclubasia and super simple instructions to get you started.

Here’s Your Unique Affiliate Link

First, let us introduce you to your Affiliate Link:

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(Please copy this link into your clipboard)

This link will redirect all your fabulous clients / fans/ followers to the “Online Forex and Global Trading Orientation” Sales page. This link is also your unique Affiliate identifier, so whenever anyone clicks on this specific link, we will know that you referred that person and when a purchase is made on our site, you will be credited with the sale.

Test The Link

Let’s Test Your Affiliate Link. Please select and copy your affiliate link above. Next, open your favorite browser like Google Chrome, Safari etc. then paste it on the URL tab like the example below:


Once you press “Enter” you will be brought to the Sales page and the additional line i.e. “/dap/a/?a=1” disappears.  This means that we have already identified you as the affiliate referrer. So when your customer purchases any thing from us, you will be automatically credited for the sale.

Where Can You Promote Your Unique Link?

Promote your Main Link via:

  1. E-mail (No Spamming Please)
  2. Text Viber Messages (No Spamming Please)
  3. Your Blog
  4. Your Website
  5. Facebook
  6. Linked-In
  7. Twitter
  8. Forums
  9. Chat Services
  10. Anywhere that you can imagine online

So All You Have To Do Now Is:


Then Check Your Affiliate Statistics From Time To Time: CLICK HERE TO CHECK AFFILIATE STATS

Super Easy Wasn’t It?  Below We Teach You How To Work With Banners and Graphics


Working With Banners

If you have a blog or website with decent traffic we highly recommend working with our Banners.

Upload Banner(s) Into Your Site

Right-click on any image you would like to use, and save it on your computer, and then upload to your web site.


No Time_ Learn Online


Keep calmand learn Forex

Link The Banner With Your Main Affiliate Link

Once you upload the banner image, simply link it with your main affiliate link like you would do with any ordinary picture.

Here’s your link once more:

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(Copy and paste this link into your clipboard)

Ok, To Summarize, just remember:



Any additional questions? Go to our Affiliate FAQ page