Make $20 – $100 By Giving Our Stuff Away!

%%FIRST_NAME%%, We want to give you $20 to $100 for everyone you sell our products to. BUT, we also know that selling may not be your thing. So, we’ve solved that very easily



Yes, we mean it, instead, we want you to GIVE FREE ACCESS to all of your Facebook friends, Your Email  Contacts, Your Fans, Your Blog Followers, Your Childhood Friends, Your Mom, Your Dad, Your Brother, Your Sister, Your Customers, The Guy you just met at the grocery store. etc. — Isn’t that a lot easier than selling?

Just to be clear — Yes, they will not pay for anything  with what you are GIVING them for FREE. (Scouts honor). –Instead when they sign up and log into their free account the very first time, they will automatically be identified as your customer for life.

What this means is that, if a few months down the road, they decide to buy anything at Forex Club Asia, you, the generous soul who gave them their access for FREE will get a “Thank You Fee” From us depending on what they buy at Forex Club Asia. Check it out:

You get $20 per month EVERY month if they subscribe to the Trader Membership product

You get $100 ONE TIME if they purchase the Life Time Membership product

And the best part is, you are not selling anything!  Awesome!


Ready to be a Good Samaritan? Okay so here’s what you do in 3 Easy steps:

1. Copy the link below which already contains your special identifier into either your email / blog / Facebook / Twitter / any other website and get people to start clicking it

Anyone Who Clicks on This Link and signs up for FREE will be identified as your customer for LIFE! We call it your “Good-Karma-Link” (Short version)

Anyone Who Clicks on This Link and signs up for FREE will ALSO be identified as your customer for LIFE! We call it your “Good-Karma-Link 2” (Long Version)

2. Now, if you want to send a super cool email to your friends and don’t know what to say, don’t worry, we already wrote it for you! Just copy and paste the subject and body of the email below, which by the way already contains your “Good-Karma-Link”. We made the messages “taglish” which is localized to the Philippines (for now) but feel free to change it to make it more “you”.

Email 1



Email 2



Email 3




3. Login to your affiliate page here to check out how many new members you have already gotten in for FREE. No results yet? Don’t worry, just keep referring and in time you will see your “Good-Karma” money rise!

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