Forex Club Asia Expands To Global Stocks, Indices, ETF’s and a lot More!

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Expansion into Global Stocks, Indices, Exchange Traded Funds

On July 6, 2019, Forex Club Asia will be expanding into other Global Investments such as

Stocks (Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, A lot of other Blue Chips, Etc.),

Indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, USDollar, AUS200, Etc),

Exchange Traded Funds (S&P500 ETF, Vanguard ETF, Aggregate Bond ETF, Etc.)

… and up to 2,000 global instruments

Suitable for Beginners and Professional Traders

The best part is the REDUCED LEARNING CURVE!

Instead of learning how to trade these complex instruments, you can just copy professional traders (like me) in their respective specializations. You will be able to see and choose between hundreds of professional traders, see their risk profiles, performance track records, what they are trading, and have complete control of who you want to copy!

Yes, you heard that right, Automatically Copy Professional Global Investorswho, like me, have spent years of trading and sharpening their trading skills for other Global Instruments. 

Is Forex Club Asia Still Going To Be A Support Group For Forex? 

Definitely! Forex Club Asia will still be concentrated on Forex, We will still continue to develop Forex Traders, and you can still copy the trades we make! BUT, and this is a BIG one, this time, you can now copy FOREX trades automatically!

Now with Automated Copy Trading

Meaning, no more waiting for a post update through email, blog post or Viber / Telegram, just “piggy back” on my / or other professional traders account(s) and just click on “Copy”. Once you do that, your account will copy exactly what I or other professionals do when we trade our accounts. 

Join me on July 6, 2019 Saturday 2PM to 5PM for a FREE Info session to understand how to properly get into Passive Trading Global investments and Start Copying Professional Traders.

This will be FREE for all who register online

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Or if you prefer, Call and Reserve a Slot at Landline:+(632)6874645, 6874445, 6873416, Mobile: +639178643416, +639175699639

Walk ins will be allowed, however seats are prioritized for those who register.

When: July 6, 2019 Saturday 2 to 5PM

Where: Suite 1203A West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road Ortigas Center Pasig City

What will you learn: 

I. Platform Registration and Navigation

  • Understanding why this platform can be for beginners to advanced investors
  • Getting to know what a “Social Trading Platform” is and how it can reduce risks
  • Understanding Broker Regulations and how it affects you

II. Calculating and Managing Risks When Investing

  • Understanding Contracts For Differences (CFDs)
  • Understanding Leverage and Margin
  • Understanding How the Platform Calculates this

III. Passive Trading: How To Select, Copy, and Manage Professional Traders / Investors

IV. Account Deposit and Withdrawal Procedures

Hurry! Slots Are Limited!

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See you Then!

Monsterpips to All!

Mark So

Founder, Forex Club Asia

Founder, Unlitrader



Risk Warning: Please be aware that investing in the Global Instruments mentioned in the video and in this post will be using CFD’s. CFD stands for “Contract For Difference”, meaning you are not buying the underlying asset, but rather purchasing a contract to settle the difference in the initial and ending price of the asset. When trading CFDs, you generally trade on margin, which means you only have to deposit a small percentage of the overall value of your position. This is known as “Leverage”, and even small market movements may have great impact, negative or positive on your trading account. Before deciding to trade on margin you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite 


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