Free 8 Hours Live Classroom Education on Forex Trading With NO HARD SELLING


Screengrab1My name is Mark So, and I am a pioneering online forex trader and educator in the Philippines.

If you have been studying, trading and even losing in Online Forex trading, I am here to sincerely help you.

I am inviting you to 8 hours of live classroom sessions with me completely free and with absolutely no strings attached.

If you have attended big and loud “training” sessions with foreign speakers or even local speakers promising you that forex is as easy as clicking a mouse or just following a software … and left you even more confused than when you started, then come and join this 8 hour program and see for yourself that I will not HARD SELL anything to you.

I do this as a way to help fellow traders and investors who got burned, fooled, or are just plain curious, to get back on track in this field. Last year October 30, 2018, the SEC issued a warning that Forex Trading is Illegal.

After talking directly to SEC several times, what they are against is unscrupulous practices by a few people seeking to get your hard earned money and promising the moon and the stars in the process. These unscrupulous organizations and personalities over sensationalize what it is that they can do for you without regards to the moral obligation of telling the plain hard truth, that Forex is NOT as easy as they would like you to believe.

In this program, I will not be asking you for money, I will ask however for your attention and your time. And, in my own small way, try to help SEC, in setting the record straight about online forex trading based on more than 1 5 years of trading it online.

*Please note that this session is not sanctioned by the SEC. I am doing this out of my own accord.

There will be no online version of this program and this might be the only time I will do this, so, if you are interested, please sign up asap as seats will be extremely limited (Maximum of only 70 pax will be accepted)

Here are the dates and the highlights of the sessions included in this program. At the bottom, there is a sign up button. When you sign up, we will have to text or call you up and you will need to confirm with us by phone that you are attending.

*Important: If you do not reply, we cannot guarantee your seat(s) Only if we get a reply from you either verbally or by text will we confirm your seat(s).

You can invite up to 5 more friends if you wish when you get contacted by us.

The Sessions will be held at Suite 1203A West Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The program includes:

1.) 4 hour Forex Orientation. May 11 , 2019 Sat 2pm to 6pm
-What is Forex trading all about
-Discussion on SEC Memo: What is legal, what is not and safeguarding from scams in the Philippines
-is Forex trading for you

2.) 4 hour Platform Navigation May 21 , 2019 9am to 1 2NN
-Familiarizing yourself with FXCM’s Trading platform (MT4 will not be tackled but you will see similarities between platforms)
-Understand what the numbers in a trading account mean
-Be able to place practice trades on your own demo account

*Please note that in compliance with SEC I am not a referral agent of FXCM. I will not get any commissions from FXCM for anyone who opens an account with them after this program. This program is not about referring you to FXCM, their platform will be used only to educate you in this program.

You may be asking, will there be any other dates aside from May 11 and 21 to get it for free? 

Not at this time. 

So, I look forward to seeing you on both May 11 and May 21. To get and confirm your seats please Join below: 

You may also get in touch with us by calling +6326873416 / +6326874645 / +6326874445. Thank you and see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Free 8 Hours Live Classroom Education on Forex Trading With NO HARD SELLING”

  1. Sir

    Can I only avail the unlitrader program and after copy your trades and if I have enough money I will enrolled proceed to the full course if given a chance you will accept it tnx I’m happy to meet you and able to refresh my knowledge for almost 4 years

    • Not advisable. Firstly Unlitrader program capital requirement is high, you need at least US5k to make full use of it. Secondly, as mentioned yesterday, it is not suitable for beginners. Thirdly, remember, your first objective is to learn first

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