No One Gets Left Behind. Part 2. Forex Para Sa Lahat: Radyo 5 Interview (Oplan Asenso)

In my last post, I offered to educate people by giving free 8 hours of live seminars / workshops. Thank you to all who signed up and invested their time to come over.

Let’s continue the education In this post I am sharing an interview I had with 2 great people, Gerard De La Pena and Mitch Ople of Oplan Asenso on Radyo 5 (Radyo Singko). I had a great time, and a lot of people tuned in and listened.

I’d like to once again thank Gerard, and Mitch for having me.

The interview helped me get the word out about what Forex is, how you should get into it, the scams you should avoid and a lot more.

Please do leave a comment if you have questions. Feel free to share this video and this page with people you think might benefit from it.


-Mark So

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