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  1. i would like to get into forex trading. i have no experience at all and would like to take the complete forex trading course. please tell me when your next class is in manila
    thank you

  2. where should i open my live trading account in fxcm? US OR UK? what do you recommend? what are the advantages and disadvantages if there’s any.

    Thanks and God bless 🙂

  3. Sir mark, I’m in cagayan de oro city (CDO)
    I would to attend your forex trading courses
    I have no experience how to trade I just badly need to know and how
    to trade forex trading..

    If you have and oreintation here in cagayan de oro city…
    This is my Email goiyax007@gmail.com/ skype:goiyax007

  4. Hi Mark,

    Would it be possible to include here your 4 “No One Gets Left Behind Program” tutorial videos?


  5. Hi. would like to ask if there will be available Complete Forex trading coure in Manila. I’ve been trading for months now but I still want to enroll in a full course. Thank you

    • Hi Mary Clair, yes we do, kindly contact Ms. Aiza King at 6873416 / 6874645 / 6874445 to book a slot in our last batch for 2014. Thank you

      • Hi! sir gud am would like to ask if there will be complete forex training this month. I’ve been trading for the past month but know i want to subscribe your unlitrader. thank you

  6. Hi Mark,

    Do you have up coming training in Cebu for Forex?

    Please advise when?

    Jun Montejo

    • Yes. Please call (632)6873416 or 6874645 or6874445 and a friendly Busunessmaker Sales officer can assist you in enrolling. Thanks

  7. hi sir Mark

    do you have a forex trading course on febuary 2016? i am from cebu and currently in saudi arabia, but i am going home by febuary.I just want to attend your complete forex trading course while i am on vacation.

  8. actually i am planning to purchase lifetime membership po sa forex club asia, kung ma member na po ba ako, do i need to purchase the complete forex trader? kasi po sa cebu po ako, and i need to save some money on going back and forth from cebu to manila, not to mention the hotel and food. is everything na makukuha ko sa lifetime memebership ma avail ko ba through online.( i need your advise here).
    at lastly po is there any other way to purchase the lifetime membership other than paypal?
    can i purchase it through credit card, if i can, pwede bang kahit hindi ko sariling credit card?

  9. hi sir, im from surigao city in mindanao…do you have full forex seminar schedules for the year 2017 in cebu city?

  10. Hi, do you offer account management services? Like the one who will trade for me? I promise profit share

    Or trade copier?

    Please let me know of the best solution. Thanks

  11. Hello Sir Mark,

    I tried to access the “Complete Forex Trading Course”, but I get the following message: “Sorry, it appears that you do not have access to this content. You’re seeing this message either because this content is not yet available to you (or may have already expired).”

    I hope you could advise. Thanks in advance.

  12. Hello Mark,

    When I click on the “Complete Forex Trade Course”, I get the following message: “Sorry, it appears that you do not have access to this content.”

    Also, how could I join the Forex Facebook Group? I have a Facebook Account, but it uses a differen E-mail Address.

    I hope you could advise. Thanks in advance.


  13. Hi sir mark im newbie and i want to learn more in this forex trading. What’s is the best course you can offer for me? Thanks.

  14. Hi Sir Mark,

    I am trying to access videos for forex trading but unfortunately the following message appears: “Sorry
    because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.” I hope you could advise, Thanks in advance.


  15. Hello Sir,

    I purchased the Forex Orientation video and I find this very informative. Thanks! May I know what’s included on Complete Forex Trading Video Course?


    • Hi Jerome, glad to hear that, the complete forex trading video course includes the entire trading system I use plus a copying my trades (singletrader) for as long as I live.

  16. Hello Sir Mark! Is there any other option to pay for the upcoming event on July 28? I don’t have credit card and my BPI account doesn’t let me pay online thru PayPal as well. I really want to join the event.

  17. Hi,

    My name is Karina from, just wanted to say that I admire your work, hopefully we can cooperate with you.
    Looking for expansion in other markets and we can also bring you here to latinoamerica.

  18. Dear Forexclubasia team,

    I sent you an email back in January but did not receive a reply.
    I am contacting you again from AGEA, a prestigious FX/CFD market maker established in Montenegro over 13 years ago.
    I wanted to check if you have any advertising options available and on which conditions.

    I look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to contact me via Skype as well: JovanaAgea


    • yes, this June 15, 2019, Saturday punta ka sa Suite 1203A West Tower, Tektite Building Ortigas Center Pasig City. It is from 2PM to 6PM. The fee is only P500 the topic is Forex Orientation to see the dangers and how to get started. See you

  19. Hello. Im interested in knowing more about forex (through your company) but i am currently hesitant in pursuing this due the different options for forex schools. Could you please tell me what advantage of taking these courses with you against other schools? Since they roughly cost the same . Thank you

  20. Hi,

    I just purchased the Online Version of Forex Orientation. How do I start viewing the videos? How do I receive my log-in details?

    • Hi Juneth the login details were sent to the paypal emailnaddress you used. Please check your spam folders as well

  21. Hi Mark,
    This is Lin. We have a community of active Vietnamese traders who want to learn about forex trading.
    Please let me know the contact for business.

  22. Hi Mark,

    I’m a newbie trader and really want to do trading full time soon. I was curious about one thing and that is taxes, ITR, and financial documents. You know that most transactions nowadays asks for documents like in postpaid applications, house or car loans so sometimes they would need ITRs, payslip and etc. As a trader, how do you file taxes and if I want to do these kinds of loans and they ask me for documents, how do I secure them as a trader?

    • When you file taxes for your profits, you file them under “other income” as for the specifics, you will need to consult an accountant they can help sort it out for you. Good luck

  23. Hi,

    It’s my utmost pleasure to invite you to Next Block Conference | Affiliate Marketing in the Age of Crypto (3rd of December in Bangkok, Thailand).

    Would it be interesting for you to cooperate?

    Waiting for your reply!

  24. How can we advertise on your site? I see you’re working with a few of our competitors in the retail FX market and I’d like to work with you too. BlackBull Markets is a multi-award-winning forex broker based in NZ. I’m currently focusing on limited new partnerships with high-quality industry websites and would like to work with you on a performance basis. Let me know when you’re free for a chat or you can join or find out more on our website at blackbullaffiliates.com.

    • Thanks for reaching out. We are currently not open to advertising. Should the circumstances change we will let you know. -Mark So

  25. I’m trying to reach the person in charge of advertising and partnership deals for your website. My name’s Geoffrey and I run the BlackBull Markets affiliate program (blackbullaffiliates.com). I’ve had a look at your website and like the look of your brand, so I want to discuss offering you a nice deal for retail trader referrals. I’ve tried to send you an email as well. Could you please follow up with me or put me in touch with the right person to speak to?

  26. We’ve tried to reach out a few times about working together regarding forex trader referrals. I like your site and want to work with you so we’ve pre-approved your partnership account. You can simply fill out this form to get started and I’ll send you a welcome pack with everything you need, ready to go: blackbullaffiliates.com/apply

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