Important Reminders for July 6 – Passive Trading: Global Investments Seminar


Thanks for signing up for the July 6 Global Investments Info Seminar Session.  We are excited to get you on-board! Here are some important reminders and preparations that you need to take note of:

Passive Trading Made Easy
for Global Stocks & Investments

WHEN:     July 6, 2019 (Saturday) at 2-5pm
WHERE:   Businessmaker Training Lounge, 1203A West Tower, PSE Tektite Bldg., Ortigas Center, Pasig City (see google maps or waze)

>>> Plan to come early to get better seats and avoid traffic delays! We are expecting a high number of attendees.


An Android or IOS (apple) Mobile phone or tablet. (Don’t bring a laptop because our space is limited)

Personal Pocket Wifi or Mobile Data. (Best to bring your own to avoid slowdown of wifi that is available in our venue)

Do not bring capital funds or cash for depositing. (All account transactions to be done directly with broker. We’ll guide you during the session)



The Featured Broker which we have done due diligence on for several years is giving an Exclusive Deposit Bonus for attendees of the event, so preregister now using the link below to apply and open a new trading account, but do not deposit any money yet. The deposit bonus details will be announced on July 6, 2019.

Once you finish your account set up, you may begin exploring the platform using a “virtual portfolio” to familiarize yourself with it. Note down questions that you can ask during the event.


On July 6, we will be discussing and guiding you on how to automatically copy my traders and other pros. Here’s what we will discuss:

I. Platform Registration and Navigation

-Understanding why this platform can be for beginners to advanced investors

-Getting to know what a “Social Trading Platform” is and how it can reduce risks

-Understanding Broker Regulations and how it affects you

II. Calculating and Managing Risks When Investing

-Understanding Contracts For Differences (CFDs)

-Understanding Leverage and Margin

-Understanding How the Platform Calculates this

III. Passive Trading: How To Select, Copy, and Manage Professional Traders / Investors

-Practical tips on finding a professional trader with your risk parameters

IV. Account Deposit and Withdrawal Procedures

-Bonus deposit promo details

Questions? Concerns? Leave a reply and I will answer them personally!

Looking forward to seeing you all on July 6!
This special event is a great way to learn a new way of trading without the nosebleed.
So come with a smile and come prepared!

Talk soon,

Mark So
Forex Club Asia

18 thoughts on “Important Reminders for July 6 – Passive Trading: Global Investments Seminar”

    • Email me your account name and I will see if you can still get the deposit bonus that will be announced on July 6

      • Sir, are we ditching FXCM as our broker and switching to eToro? Sorry I haven’t been trading (forex) that much lately so I am not that updated.

    • Sir,
      Just like to ask. Is there an option at the passive trading to copy in smaller lot?
      or just copy a trade only let say out of 5? Can we still trade with manual using your trade?

      • If you are talking about autocopying my etoro account, when you copy me you cannot choose leverage and lot size or what to copy and what not to copy, it is automatic. You can choose to still manually copy me, but the minimum lot size is still 1000 units and you have to allocate approximately $25 for that small trade

  1. Hello sir! Ask ko lang how much ang initial depositna kailangan para dyan sa account n bubuksan? And yung system po automatic na syang magtrade?

  2. Good they sir.. I like to know and hear.. your orientation.. how forex works..
    but How can I join i’m hare in Mindanao..
    I work in fibeco electric cooperative..
    . I’m a member of KAPA ministry.. I feel sad that president Duterte.. close KAPA ministry.. which is wrongly accused, which this administration didn’t know that Bitcoin and crypto currency, has excess..
    And I really wanted to join couse my salary is not enough for my family.. which we all know that Philippines has small salary for and ordenary employee like me.. I hope that this can help me in my financial..

  3. Hi sir, are we ditching FXCM and switching to eToro? Sorry, I haven’t been trading (forex) that much now, so I am not that updated 😀 Thank you!

  4. Hi sir, are we ditching FXCM and switching to eToro? Sorry, I haven’t been trading (forex) that much now, so I am not that updated 😀 Thank you!

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