How To Get Email Notifications For The Unlitrader


 Log in to Forex Club Asia.
You will be brought to “My Awesome Trading Stuff Page” Scroll down past the first graphic, and look for the button labeled “Getting Trading Signals by Email”Please click on that button to receive any new posts made into the site which includes Mark’s Unlitrader recommendations. When you click the button, you will see this:
So just type in the email address you want to receive the notifications. You may use a different email address to receive Mark’s signals (which can sometimes be overwhelming)

Hit submit.

You will then see this:

Now, you must check the email that you registered for a confirmation link. This is to make sure that you will receive these notifications. When you check your email ( ex. picture below):
Click on the link highlighted in blue. This will bring you back to Forex Club Asia so you can choose the email alerts you want to receive from us. Please note that you may want to de-select “all” and just choose the box that says “Unlitrader Release 1.0”  highlighted in yellow below. Otherwise, it can get annoying because if you select “all” you will receive any new posts which may or may not be related to trading.
See picture below for the proper selection:

Hit Save. You will see a blank page with just the title Subscribe to Posts, if you see this you are all set. If you are having any difficulties with any of the steps above. Just email me directly at markso@forexclubasia.com

Monsterpips to You!



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