Here’s How To Get Started:


Step 1: Fill up the online application form by clicking the             
“Apply Online”  button below.   


Step 2: You must scan 2 additional documents:

-Valid ID with picture (i.e. valid passport, Drivers license, etc.)
-Proof of Billing Address (Utility Bill* — please scan the entire page, not just your
name and address.)

*The utility bill must show the name and address you used when you applied for
the trading account in step 1

Then send these 2 documents to admin@fxcm.co.uk and ctm@forexclubmanila.com


Step 3: Wait for an email from FXCM regarding your application

This may take 1 to 2 days if you provided all information then you should be
approved and ready for funding. You will be notified if you will need to re-send
certain information to complete your application in that email


Step 4: Once approved, you are ready to fund your account.          

*Do not fund your account if your application has not yet been approved
The email you received from FXCM in step 3 will include funding instructions


Step 5: Once funding is complete, you can start trading




  1. Hi All! For those opening live FXCM accounts please see the email message of Paul Familiaran of FXCM to me.

    Relaying it to you for clarity…

    Hi Mark,

    Hope this email finds you well.

    I wanted to go over with you as we see a trend of your clients submitting POR (proof of residence) and having issues with them.

    1.      The POR should be under the account holders name.

    2.      The POR shouldn’t be more than 6 months if it’s a statement / clearance

    3.      We don’t accept MOBILE STATEMENTS as a form of a valid POR – 50% of your clients are sending us mobile statements from the beginning. I wish to correct this so we don’t create unnecessary workload that causes stops them from moving forward to the funding stage.

    4.      Here are the list of valid PORs we accept:

    A.      Water Bill – from the water company. We don’t accept water bills if they are from the management company of a condominium

    B.      Electricity Bill

    C.      Internet Bill – all are good except that of a pocket wifi statement.

    D.     Credit Card Statement

    E.      Bank Statement – must show bank logo

    F.       Bank Book/passbook – must show bank logo, show name and address, show most recent transaction period – not more than 6 months. Client can cover the balance for security purpose.

    G.     TIN ID

    H.     VOTERS ID

    I.        POSTAL ID

    J.        Driver’s License

    K.      NBI clearance

    L.       Brgy clearance



  2. Good day.

    Sir bakit hindi ko ma-access yung trading? Naka subscribe na po ako ng lifetime single trader sainyo hindi ko maopen yung account ko para maka copy ng trade nyo thanks!

    • You have been registered for the lifetime access for singletrader. An email has been sent to your inbox on the username and password. Please log into the unlitrader.com site to start copying my trades. thanks

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