Crash Course: How To Copy Our Trades

The best way to learn is to Cheat…err… Copy we mean 😉

Seriously though, we all learned and became who we are by copying the actions, mannerisms, and beliefs of our parents or guardians. The same principle holds true with learning and understanding forex.

When we trade the Forex Market, we combine both Technical Analysis as well as Fundamental Analysis and never do we trade on pure technicals nor pure fundamentals alone. It took us more than 4 years to develop and continue to refine our trading system and style, which we are gladly willing to share with you as a member of Forex Club Asia

Below you will find instructions and a few videos explaining how to use our week ahead forecasts and trading signals. This is your crash course into properly “copying” our trades and our system as a whole.


Step 1: First, let’s look and understand a sample of our “Week-Ahead” Forecast



What this means is that On Wednesday, May 13, 2009 we will be readying ourselves to buy USD/JPY because there is a fundamental reason to. At 8:30 PM (this is GMT +8) the US will be releasing its Retail Sales report and we believe that it will be Bullish! Now we will go a step further, we will tell you around what time we might trade. The timing window for this particular trade will be between 8AM to 12NN (GMT +8) and we have a reason behind our timing windows (which we explain further in our fundamental analysis course available to Lifetime Members).

Now we said we might trade this during the timing window because we need to do the next step. Verifying the trade set-up.


Step 2:Watch the 2 videos below:

How to Verify Set-ups (Part A) – click to watch

How to Verify Set-ups (Part B) – click to watch


Step 3: What to do when you get our live signals

When the conditions are right, as what you have just watched, we will issue a live trading signal which is a live trade with real money (We really put our money where our mouth is).

You will receive this via Email and of course when you access our short term trading signals. Here is a sample of our live trading signal. You may want to copy what is highlighted in gray so that you can follow along and then click Video PART 1 when ready.



Step 4: How To Place The Trade with 2 Limits on your Platform

Click here for FXCM Trading station II (Coming soon)

Click here to see how to set-up your FX Solutions GTS Pro Platform

Click here for FX Solutions GTS Pro


Step 5: What to do when Limit 1 gets hit

Click here for FXCM Trading Station II (coming soon)

Click here for FX Solutions GTS Pro

Know that the Market can turn on you which is why Step 5 above is crucial.

Watch this video to understand and appreciate it more



[box type=”info”]  What Trading Results Can You Expect? As all our members know, there really is no guarantee for Forex Trading. In forex, you’ve got to be willing to win and to lose. The trick is to win more than you lose. So let us be very straightforward with you. When you follow the system that we’ve created, there will be times when you will win, but there will also be times when you will lose. What our system does is help you increase your chances of winning. Since we at Forex Club Asia follow our own forecasts and issue our own trading signals, you can be assured that we’ve done our due diligence in making sure that our trades go well. What we are really doing is sharing with you our trades so that you can copy and learn from them. Our trades are now yours. Use it wisely.[/box]


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