Integrating with Daily FX Plus

Do you trade with FXCM?

Great! They have an automated trading signal service that is free for all live account holders. Now these signals can be filtered and integrated with our fundamental views and ideas. It’s great to have Technical signals, but even better if there are Fundamental reasons behind it. You can only find this combination here at Forex Club Asia!

Here’s how to integrate our “Week-ahead forecasts” with Daily FX Plus:

1.) go to Daily FX Plus by going here: https://plus.dailyfx.com/login/loginForm.jsp

2.) Log in with your Live account credentials:

User: Your account number

Password: Your account password

3.) Watch the video below to know how to use and integrate our week ahead forecasts with the signals provided by Daily FX Plus

Play Video Now!


You can access our latest week-ahead forecasts here

4 thoughts on “Integrating with Daily FX Plus”

  1. Hello:

    I would like to know on what time frame Mark’s signals
    are generated. Also in the course does he show in complete detail
    how those signals are generated. Finally, does he have examples of live accounts with equity graphs to show drawdown and win/loss ratio etc.


    Jon B

    • Hi Jon,

      I use daily and hourly charts in my analysis. Signals are issued every 10PM/10AM Philippine time or GMT+8. The complete forex trading course explains very thoroughly how I make my analysis using my 3 step routine / system. It also helps the members control impulsiveness in trading and builds discipline when it comes to money management. All trades are shared via screenshots of my live account(s). While there are no equity graphs to summarize win/loss ratios and drawdowns, the trades are of public record and can be compiled by the member to see the performance of my trades.

      Hope this answers your questions.

      • Mark:

        Thank you for responding to my e-mail regarding your course.
        Your course seems interesting but I find it hard to purchase
        without some kind of performance record.

        Are the trades public record that I can access in raw form, or has any of your students compiled a track record?

        This seems to be a reasonable thing to see befor purchasing.


        Jon B

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