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 This secret page is for the Beta testers who have submitted at least 4 screenshots or trading reports or comments.

This page will forever be gone by August 1, 2012 so please take advantage of this Super Awesome discount only for you.


  Continue using Mark So’s Unlitrader now for only P105 / Day*

Considering that 1 successful trade makes around P5,000 to P10,000 or more in about 24 hours, this is an awesome deal!

(*30 days in a month @ USD/PHP= 42  translates to $75 / month! This is a 50% Discount from the regular rate of $150 that will be released at 12 midnight tonight)


1.) This deal will only be around until August 1, 2012 after that, you will NEVER, and I mean NEVER see this rate again. That means you have now until August 1 to decide. When the time runs out, this page will disintegrate and the rates go up to $150 / month.

2.) If you subscribe at $75 / month, you will have this rate per month forever as long as you continue the subscription.

3.) BUT and IF you unsubscribe anytime which you can do by emailing me at markso@forexclubasia.com and later decide to subscribe again to the service, you will have to pay the regular monthly rate of $150 / month or higher and can never go back to the rate of $75 / month EVER.

If you accept these 3 conditions then click on the paypal subscribe button now.

After completing your Paypal subscription, please wait for 24 hours for your Unlitrader access to be restored

Thank You!


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