Mark’s Advance Forex Course Finally Released! — The 3 Lines Master Trading Technique!

Does your charts look like someone just vomited on your screen?

Attend Mark’s Advance Forex Course: The 3 Lines Master Trading Technique because you only need 3  lines (or less) to start trading like a forex demon.

After this course, you will be  able to enter a trade BEFORE All other indicators even issue a signal.  You will be able to get out before All other indicators even  start getting a clue.
Plus time not just when you enter your  trades but also time when to get out using the “phenomenon of 3”.

Is your brain overworked with too much clutter?

This advance course will teach you to master trade execution using just 3 lines (or less) without unnecessary clutter and inconsistent indicators. Not to mention cutting down your migraines for good!

Is this another “One Time Wonder Technique?”

No, this  is not a new or experimental technique, it has existed  ever since currencies were born, we are just bringing  this timeless and age old technique back to life! But  don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our  members are saying about Mark So.

No  one else can teach this the way Mark does. That is a  fact, you see, there are great forex traders BUT they do  not know how to teach. And there are great talkers BUT  they do not know how to trade.

~Romana Go

Mark  is not just a great trader who trades and teaches with  live money on the line, he explains with diamond cut  clarity, in excruciating detail, why this technique is  so effective and necessary to make it in the forex  market.
~Allen San Luis
Course Outline:

I. Mastering of Support and Resistance Lines.
a.         Drawing  Support and Resistance Lines based on your “Beliefs” and NOT the  Trend.
b.         Reviewing candlestick reversal patterns and using them  for proper set-ups
b.         Deeper  understanding of “Bounces” and “Failures” using the “3 candle  count-back” method
d.         Using the “Phenomenon of 3” in trade execution and timing
e.         Extensive back testing reports and applying the learning  to your trading
II. Mastering “Break Out Trading”
a.            Understanding the Difference  between Range and Break Out Trading
b.            What Long and Short means for Break Out Trading vs. Range
b.            How to use “Entry orders”, “Trailing Stops”, and “Box Stops”  for Break Out Trading
c.            How to  properly combine Range and Break Out Trading for regular and “Scalping”
d.            Extensive  back testing reports and applying the learning to your trading

III. Battle Tested Range plus Breakout Strategies Revisited:
a. The Monster-trending Technique (A.K.A. Stop and  Reverse Technique)
i.            In-Depth  review of the Trade Set-up and how to properly place orders
ii.            Extensive  back testing reports and applying the learning to your trading
b. The Monster-trending-compounding Technique (A.K.A. How to Properly Add to Winning Trades)
i.            In-Depth  review of the Trade Set-up and how to properly place orders
ii.            Extensive  back testing reports and applying the learning to your trading

How Much, Where and When?

We will be releasing this to the public with the Regular price of P9,500 and an Early Bird price of P8,500.
The Live Class will be held on October 26, 2011 Wednesday from 1:30PM to 5:30PM at Businessmaker Academy, Suite 1503A West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road Ortigas Center, Pasig City
[box type=”warning”] Mark will only be accepting 10 enrollees MAX! So as you can imagine, the seats will be extremely limited![/box]

Do I get a special deal if I already enrolled in the Complete Forex Trading Course?

Of course you do silly!  For those who have already taken Mark’s Complete Forex Trading Course  the price for you will only be P6,500 / person. BUT only if you settle payment on or before October 21, FRIDAY this week! After Friday, the rates even for those who already took the Complete Forex Trading Course will be back to P9,500 / person. So hurry on and register now!

How Do I Register?

1. Go to any Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) or Banco De Oro (BDO) branch and deposit your payment to:

Savings Account Name: Businessmaker Academy, Inc.

BPI: 4013-0306-64

BDO: 280-622-422

2. Fax deposit slip with your name and contact number to +632 687 4645 or Scan and email the deposit slip to immediately after deposit is made

3. Wait for a call from Aiza King to confirm your slot. Of course, you can always call Aiza yourself at +632 6874445 / 6873416 / 6874645 if you can’t wait to confirm your slot.

Oh and one last thing

Like the Complete Forex Trading Course guarantee. Once you enroll in this Advance Class, you can attend it OVER and OVER again FOREVER! Can’t get any better than that don’t you think?

Go ahead, register immediately, we assure you, you WON’T be disappointed!

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    1. You can use any platform you want with the things I will be teaching Joseph but the platform I will be using to teach is not MT4

  1. Sir, in your own opinion what are the disadvantages of MT4 platform, it seems that you do not recommend it? And thank you for answering my questions regarding MT4 Platform….

    1. It’s not that I don’t recommend it, its Just that I don’t use it Joseph, as I have always used the Trading Station of FXCM and the GTS Pro of FX Sol

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