Urgent Announcement: My Forex Class Tomorrow, Sep 4, 2012 Will Be Moved Due To Unavoidable Circumstances

Sep 3, 2012



To all attendees of my class tomorrow, session 3 Technical Indicators, I would like to personally apologize as we have to postpone our session to next Tuesday, September 11 and our last session, session 4 to Thursday September 13, 2012 Due to a sudden break down of our air conditioning system.

All Businessmaker Classes have been suspended until this is fixed. The breakdown only happened this afternoon and I had hoped to have the unit fixed already by tomorrow afternoon but according to the technicians it will not be possible.

Aiza, my sales administrator will be calling each one of you (attendees and refreshers) tomorrow to re-book you accordingly if you cannot make the dates above.

Again, my personal apologies.



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