Unlimited Trading with the Unlitrader! Can You Handle it?

Take a look at the “Unlitrader” Software in action.


The Unlitrader program is a software that I developed that analyzes both Technical and Fundamental developments in the Forex Market (including Market Sentiment) on a daily, weekly, even monthly basis. You just feed the software your (or my) thoughts of what will happen both technically and fundamentally for the 8 major currencies, and it will automatically recommend up to 23 currency pairs that you can trade simultaneously!!! It is like My brain on forex steroids on call 24 hours a day! Below is the screen shot of the software in action, for this particular instance, it calculates up to 17 possible trades to take:

When it makes a recommendation, you just plug as many if not all of the recommended trades into the Trading station, in this case, FXCM. Once you finish buying or selling a currency pair, just go back to the software and input the price you entered. The software then calculates the stops and limit levels of the trade automatically. Plus it calculates How much your potential losses and gains you could have by taking all of these trades:


Now here is the actual FXCM Trading Station Screenshots with the Trade recommendation from the Unlitrader.  17 trades were recommended and taken today.

The Ongoing Executed Trades: @11:56PM, May 22, 2012

After 9 minutes:

Screenshot 2: @12:03AM, May 23, 2012

After another 7 minutes:

Screenshot 3: @12:10AM, May 23, 2012

The Unlitrader Beta Software is now available for testing. Want to be part of the Beta program? Sign up now!


[button link=”https://forexclubasia.com/unlitraderbetacenter” color=”orange”] Go To Unlitrader Beta Center[/button]

Monsterpips to All!


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